Experience: Typhus

Sara Byer
Sarah Cwagenberg
Belle Eisenberg
Irena Erlich
Fred Ferber
Miriam Ferber
Menachem Glaser
Ben Goldner
Sam (Anzel) Gun
Sally Horwitz
Franka Iglewicz
Harry Jubas
David Kahan
Helen Kain
Garry Kappy
Sara Landsman
Helen Lankin
Freda Magnus
Martin Marks
Paula Marks-Bolton
Eva Nove
Steve Oliwek
Abe Pasternak
Rabbi Moshe Polter
Yetti Rosenthal
Rosa Schaumberg
Sara Silow
Gisela Solomon
Henry Upfall

“Overcrowding, poor sanitary conditions, and the lack of adequate food, water, and shelter led to an outbreak of diseases such as typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and dysentery, causing an ever increasing number of deaths. In the first few months of 1945, tens of thousands of prisoners died.” 

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. “Bergen-Belsen.”  Holocaust Encyclopedia. http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005224

Accessed on 6/12/11.

Women survivors suffering from typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. [Photograph #83815]
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Photo Archives. http://digitalassets.ushmm.org/photoarchives/detail.aspx?id=13450&search=typhus&index=7
Accessed on 6/12/11.

” American medical personnel at work in a typhus ward in a hospital for Dachau survivors. [Photograph #16951]
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Photo Archives. http://digitalassets.ushmm.org/photoarchives/detail.aspx?id=1059221&search=typhus&index=5
Accessed on 6/12/11.

Warsaw, Poland, A sign warning of typhus danger area, probably April 1941. 
Yad Vashem. Photo Archives. 
Accessed on 6/12/11.

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