Experience: Slutsk

Livia Katan
“The Germans occupied Slutsk on June 27, 1941. The persecution and murder of Jews began almost immediately. The Jews were required to register and a Judenrat was established. The wearing of yellow Stars of David became compulsory. The Jews were taken for forced labor, abused, and killed. 

“On October 27-28, 1941 the first major massacre of Slutsk Jews took place. At the end of 1941-beginning of 1942 two ghettos were established: the "field ghetto" (on the northern outskirts of Slutsk) where Jews unable to work were imprisoned, and the "city ghetto" for working Jews (situated in the old Jewish quarter of the city, Shkolishche, closer to the city center. The "field ghetto" was gradually liquidated in the spring of 1942. On February 8, 1943, the Germans liquidated the "city ghetto." 

“Slutsk was liberated by the Red Army on June 30, 1944.”

Yad Vashem. “The Untold Stories: Murder sites of the Jews in the Occupied Territories of the Former USSR.”  “Slutsk, Slutsk County, Minsk District, Belarus “
Accessed on 6/11/11.

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