Camp: Aamersvoort

Sandra (Sunny) Segal
Amersfoort  (Damersvoort)

Dutch Jews who lived near the town of Amersfoort were rounded up by the Nazis and incarcerated in army barracks near the town.

In the early stages of Nazi measures against Jews, Camp Amersfoort was used to confine and then deport the Jews living in Amersfoort. In 1941, 820 Jews lived in and around the city. The municipality at first resisted anti-Jewish measures, but could not prevent the removal of Jews from Amersfoort's economic and cultural life. By April 1943 most of the Jewish population was transferred from Camp Amersfoort to Camp Vught, another notorious Nazi camp in the Netherlands. From there most were deported via Camp Westerbork to Poland for extermination.

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